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The Worst Listener

Growing up I was always the "guide" for my friends and family. I am most definitely what you call an "old soul" and in tandem with my Libra scales it was always so organic for me to weigh out options. Both a curse and blessing in life. My husband would say curse when I am trying to figure out somewhere to go eat. Blessing for large decisions needing research because I absolutely geek out on that!

Friends, acquaintances, and family consistently called upon me to listen and support them through tough times. I have always known how to listen and replay scenarios. I have had strangers be drawn to me and tell me their life stories time and time again. In my youth, despite being a natural nurturer, I never thought I would have kids. Surprise, younger self… you end up having five fabulous unique kiddos! My husband and I just tell people we're currently working on having our own basketball team. Name to be determined.

It’s no wonder I found my way into management at the age of 18. The camaraderie I had with my teams through the years, the fun and every part of the coaching process along the way made my heart full.

For a couple of years I managed at Red Robin under PB&J Restaurants INC. We were the training store for seven different locations. The team I had there was just something unforgettable. The team we built and poured our hearts into--thrived. That first year I was there, we won "Training Store of the Year" at the Red Robin Conference in the Dominican Republic. Having that acknowledgement of our hard work was exciting.

So this natural nurturer, manager, and now Holistic Wellness Coach has had a theme throughout my life. Listening to and supporting others. BUT I have to be totally honest with you, I used to be the WORST listener to my body! In fact--I may of ignored it a lot. Most people live their whole lives not being in tune with what is going on with their body, how it is feeling, what is being put in, and is the right amount even coming out. Ok ew. Sorry not sorry!

Learning to listen to my body has been such a big and important stepping stone in my wellness journey and it’s something YOU can start doing right this minute! It actually is what started to create what I love to call the Wellness Snowball, but that’s for another day!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about my body? This can be when you notice you feel super fabulous or when you have told yourself you look like the wicked witch of the west.

  • What kinds of things do I say about my body? These moments are when you say something to yourself to judge your body. Maybe you are not able to slip on those favorite jeans anymore so you say something unkind to yourself. This is called body talk and if it’s constantly negative--this can be damaging to our physical and mental wellness.

  • How do I tune in with my body’s internal process? This is just how aware you are of your body’s pleasure and pain signals. Also taking those signals and understanding how to create more balance for your body. Do you feel satisfaction, discomfort, pain, or calmness in your body? Do you know what your body’s signals mean? They can often tell us what needs to be balanced in our lives and physical wellness practices.

If it’s your time to start shinin’ and you are ready to start listening to your body to find better balance here are some tips that can support you. Focus on listening to your body, treating it kindly, and looking for the ROOT of what is causing issues. Make these three things a daily practice and journal it or jot down a quick note each day to look back at how it has impacted you.

  • Do a daily body scan: Take some time to just shut your eyelids, chill out, BREATHE and really pay attention to each area of your body. Is something tight or strained? Anything needing attention? I love using a guided body scan from one of my meditation apps. For example, if you constantly sit at that desk all day, can you possibly stand today or take a few more breaks?

  • Check within: Find time for a mindful moment. Maybe when you wake up or during lunch! It only takes a couple of minutes. How do you feel today about your body? Do you notice any negative self talk? If so replace those words with something positive. It could change your whole day.

  • Body Movement: Every day find just FIVE minutes to get some movement in. Maybe for you that’s jogging in place, some favorite yoga poses, turning on Fergalicious and dancing it out! Whatever makes you happy to do it. DO IT!

So tune in and listen to your body vibes you are giving off. I want to hear about what you have found, what is a struggle, or if you need more help with this leave a comment. I got you girl!

With Gratitude,


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