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A holistic, integrated approach to our health is needed to support us to truly achieve wellness. Wellness 360 was designed to do just that. Wellness 360 is the IAWP philosophy that our health and well-being are affected by all areas of our life.

How will it

benefit you?

Beyond the food we eat, there are many other factors that affect our overall wellness. We can’t just look at health in a vacuum, rather we need to look at the whole picture. Wellness 360 takes into account all areas of a person’s life that directly impact one’s health including physical factors such as Sunshine, Air, Sleep, Movement, Food, and Water.

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And non-physical elements including Relationships, Career, Finances, Mindset, Spirituality, and Purpose. Having a 360-degree perspective when you look at yourself will help you to see how one area of your life may be affecting another area. This interconnection between all parts of ourselves is truly a holistic approach to wellness.

Wellness 360 reminds us that we are whole beings with a variety of influences upon our being. When we change one area of our life, we often see other areas change. Knowing how everything is connected, we can better prepare ourselves for creating more balance and lasting changes.

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Wellness 360 also points to the fact that we are all unique and have unique needs. What works for one person may not work for another, simply because one element of their life is different. The good news is, we don’t have to do advanced medical testing to figure out why they are different. We can simply take the Wellness 360 degree approach to find out what is in balance and what is out of balance and work to make small changes to reach our goals.

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How we integrate the wellness wheel into your coaching:

Based on your Wellness Score, you can use the Wellness 360 Wheel to consider what areas are in balance for you and what areas are out of balance. Your Wellness Score is not set in stone and does not define you. It is meant to support you to better understand what areas you need support with to live a healthier life.

The inner wheel represents activities and things that affect you directly, the food you take in or the fresh air you breathe. The outer wheel consists of indirect things that affect
a person’s health and well-being. While sometimes subconscious, the outer wheel plays just as an important role as the inner wheel in creating a healthy, balanced


When you have a 360-degree approach to your health, you can better understand where you are now and where you need support to make

lasting changes.

Start your journey to becoming the best you by taking the free quiz now!

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