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Hi, I’m Faye Khoury and I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach in training and Wellness 360™ Leader.

I am here to help support Moms who find themselves in life transitions such as entering or leaving the workforce, starting a blended family, divorce, and pregnancy/ postpartum. I will guide you in taking control of your physical and mental well-being so you go from feeling zapped and distressed to living a full vivacious life filled with joy and purpose. Join me on my path to self-discovery, and learn about my journey that led me to become a Holistic Wellness Coach. 

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In this life, I have put myself through many difficult situations, bad health habits, negative self-talk, and doubt. 


I chose to put myself in unhealthy and toxic relationships to help me cope with my unhappiness, because of the trauma of losing my father in my young teenage years.


While I now understand the reason I made these hurtful choices, I also have accepted that all of that had to happen to be where I am. Right this moment. 


I did not let the pain I carried hold me back from finding a career in management. I loved coaching, guiding, training, leading, and helping others gain knowledge. I was always very ambitious and entrepreneurial. Even at the age of 5, I went around selling “boo-boo bunnies” to the neighbors in my red wagon to buy myself a bike. 


At age 18 my first management job was over three local tanning salons. Several years later, while pregnant with my first daughter, the wellness seeker inside of me wanted to help others find a golden glow, but in a healthier way.


So I created the idea of HealthiTan with my mother and built it from the ground up. It helped pave the way for Custom Spray Tanning in Kansas City and it is still thriving today! I went on to become the general manager of a couple of locations of Massage Envy and then got into restaurant management for PB & J Restaurants. 

I met my husband in my mid-twenties working in one of his family’s restaurants. It was a supernova showdown, maybe what some would call love at first sight?


If you believe in that sort of thing! We had three kiddos between the two of us at the time (we now have a two-year-old and one on the way! Woohoo!) and creating a blended family sure was an adventure of many ups and downs, but something I truly cherish. 


A few years into our marriage,  I “retired” from the family business and became the General Manager of our home. For me, that is hilarious to say out loud but I had to look at it this way to feel comfortable with the change.


I had always looked at success as titles, power, and monetary gain.


This was a tough transition and came complete with a full-on identity crisis and a big red bow. Although I knew I was blessed to be a stay at home mom with our kids…the feelings of not being enough, worthlessness, negative self-talk, doubt, and just plain not having gratitude crept into my soul. 


Determined to pull myself out of the negative feelings, I started getting into more of a holistic lifestyle and learning better practices for my mindset.


Then, I had our now two-year-old and all those past feelings roughly laced with some baby blues was a recipe for a full-on hurricane.


My progress had washed away with the tide.

At my lowest point, I even wondered if I should go on in this world any more. 

You see, I was so tired of putting on a smile. Creating the facade of “I’m doing great! ” The reality was, I just wasn’t!


I knew I was blessed to be home with my kids, but yet I had this nagging tug at my heart that there had to be more for my mind and well being. I wanted more than mommying, but from the societal judgment, I pushed that idea out of my head for far too long.


When I finally learned and realized to accept the concept that I can be a mom and do what fills my bucket, the box I had put myself in disappeared. 

That day I said, “Enough is enough!”


I chose to take control of my life again.


I had to figure out my life’s purpose and what that even meant for me.


My journey of self-love began that day, even after having some of the most horrendous thoughts.


Realizing I was taught how to show respect and talk to others growing up, but never to be kind to myself, I started with researching mindset. I took courses, watched documentaries, read books, and learned how to talk to myself in a positive way for the first time in my life.


I had started a wellness snowball and just kept gasping for more.


Bit by bit the sun began to shine again.


I raised my frequency of living through positivity and caring for myself and that light beamed into my friend’s and family’s life as well.


My husband even noted that I was different. 


Life seemed to be falling into place and It wasn’t long after that my purpose found me.


From my love of coaching and guiding in my past career, Holistic Wellness Coaching clicked into place like a puzzle piece.


AH HA! This is my purpose! Through my current training at the IAWP, I found the missing answers to aligning my purpose with the rest of my life. 

My mission is to help ambitious mama’s detox their home and mind. So they can live healthier, vivacious lives full of more joy, purpose, and gratitude. 

Through my own personal hardships, pain, turmoil, and self-doubt came this beautiful finding of my purpose in helping other moms like myself.

Here at The Faye Khoury, you will find a range of mama & family wellness tips, aromatherapy education, mama support, exploring energy work, and even info on The Montessori Lifestyle. 


Whether you work outside of the home or you’re the General Manager of your home, I hope to create a community of mom’s keeping in mind we all have bumps along the way.


It’s learning to embrace the journey together and knowing that things are happening for you, not to you. It means being gentle with yourself through the process and knowing when to stop and say, I am human! It’s ok! 


No one knows your story as you do and every story is SO unique. That is what makes each of us so beautiful.


 Let me be your guide, and you be the guru to your story. 

With Gratitude,

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"I have become more and more conscious of who I am and my purpose here on this earth. I knew there had to be other mama’s out there that have struggled like myself and that is exactly why I am going through the training to became a Holistic Wellness Coach." - Faye

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I received my education as a Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals’ Wellness Coach Certification Program. The IAWP is an international organization that supports and trains holistic professionals and coaches to create wellness careers in order to inspire people to make healthy changes.


I’ve learned from some of the most renowned health and wellness experts, including IAWP Faculty Members Dr. Bernie Siegel (Wellness Pioneer), Dr. Stephen Rechtshaffen (Co-Founder of the Omega Institute), Sally Fallon Morrel (Traditional foods expert), Marci Schimoff (World-renowned transformational teacher) and many other leading experts.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, I’m excited to support you with my Wellness 360™ coaching program and help you make healthy lifestyle changes so you can live your best life.

Discover what it takes to become a successful Wellness Coach with the

International Association of Wellness Professionals

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